Dzieci Śmieci                                                           


Every day, we throw away plastic shopping bags, used bottles of mineral water, papers from chocolate bars and new toys packaging… Unnecessary packaging and broken objects land in the trash can. Apparently, a man produces around 280 kg of rubbish in a year! It’s a lot! When bags full of rubbish are transported from our homes to landfills, it seems that the problem disappears … but only out of our sight​.

DZIECI (kto tu) ŚMIECI deals with waste related topics. It explains how our everyday choices affect the Earth, the lives of animals and ourselves. 

The book is divided into topics which are expended on centerfolds, and each of them explains the relevant issues: What materials are the objects that we use made of? What happens to those that are unnecessary to us? What is the waste? How we create rubbish and what it contains? Is the rubbish bin the last stage of their life? 

Through these important topics, we want to raise young reader’s empathy and sensitivity to the lives of creatures whose lives are at risk, to show the effects of our everyday choices and the process from the moment an object is made to the moment of its use … and even longer … We have a huge responsibility to educate the new generation, which perhaps thanks to this knowledge will manage the Earth’s resources in a more conscious and responsible way than our generation. We want this attitude to contribute to living in greater symbiosis with nature. Stimulate awareness which leads to action and causes change; care for creation and nature – that’s what we want invite young reader to.


TEXT: Sonia Jaśkiewicz